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Concrete batching plant for sale in karachi

Concrete batching plant for sale in karachi

Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, is economically developed and an important city of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Karachi and China have profound exchanges and cooperation in transportation, energy, marine and other field, Camelway Concrete Mixing Plant also participated in the construction of Karachi.

Concrete batching plant for sale in karachi

Camelway Concrete Batching Plant involved in construction of Karachi

Camelway Concrete Mixing Plant participates in the construction of a hydroelectric power station in Karachi, Pakistan. The project has a total installed capacity of 873,000 kilowatts and will have an annual power generation capacity of 3.081 billion kilowatts, which will further alleviate the energy shortage in Pakistan and lead the energy cooperation in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to a new glory.

Karachi Concrete Batching Plant Project Description

The project is equipped with one set of custom-made double-host HZS90 and one set of double-host HZS60 mixing plant, and several sets of large-capacity assembled cement silos. The elevation of the site is more than 2300 meters, the mountain is always covered with snow, due to the Pakistani on-site installation workers, Camelway service staff overcame language and geographical barriers, and worked overtime to cooperate with the customer to install and debug the equipment in time, which will provide high quality concrete for the timely completion of the hydropower plant and contribute to the construction of the Pakistani hydropower plant after the equipment is put into operation.

Karachi Concrete Mixing Plant Price

Because of the influence of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor policy, there will be various discounts and preferences for the equipment exported from China to Pakistan, and the shipping cost is relatively cheap as China borders with Pakistan, the specific concrete mixing plant price needs to be based on the configuration, please consult our professional sales manager.


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