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Top Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers in China

Camelway Machinery Group manufactures and sells modern & advanced concrete batching plants. The joint use of the most modern computer-aided design systems and practical operating experience that allow us to design and manufacture high-quality concrete batching plants with optimal technical and economic indicators. The production of concrete plants, concrete mixer is carried out in Zhengzhou, China.

The offered model range of concrete plants produced by Camelway, a wide range of different types is presented, satisfying the demand of both small and large construction companies in China as well as counties around the world. Camelway offers stationary and mobile concrete batching plants with different capacities (from 20 to 120 cubic meters of concrete per hour). The concrete batching plant is equipped with a modern strain-gauge weighing system with automatic control of all mechanisms, which makes it possible to obtain high-quality concrete and cement mixture.

Concrete Batching Plant Manufactured by Camelway

Technical specialists from Camelway Group constantly monitor the needs of the construction market, and the joint use of experience and modern design programs allows us to design and manufacture concrete batching plants that meet any requirements of the construction business.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant of Camelway

Taking into account the economic requirements for concrete production, concrete plants in mobile design are attracting more and more interest from the majority of companies. The mobile batching plant produced by Camelway is transported on trailers, assembled in the shortest possible time, does not require additional costs for site preparation and has minimal energy consumption.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant of Camelway

Stationary concrete batching plants of Camelway are for long terms projects and permanent facility, suitable for construction companies, concrete supply companies and precast concrete companies. Camelway offers stationary batching plants in 25 to 120 cubic meters per hour, suitable for high load uninterrupted work.

Why choose us as your batching plant supplier?

As a batching plant manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience, we believe that we will be your best partner. Our experience gives us unprecedented confidence that we will help you realize your business plan perfectly.

  • Rich equipment manufacturing experience to ensure equipment safety and stability.
  • Satisfactory price, you do not have to pay for excessive brand premium.
  • Excellent after-sales service, we provide a 2-year warranty.
  • Super cost-effective, we are not a cheap substitute manufacturer, our products have the quality of international brands.

For any questions regarding concrete equipment, you can contact us at anytime. Our managers will help you select for you a specific model of a concrete batching plant that will fully meet your technical requirements.



  • Noureddine MekhalfaNouredd***

    Dear Sir Logistics international Ifrastructure project (LIIP) Limiited is a Mauritanien regitred company involved in the construction and infrastructure projects. We are in the final stages of negetiating a contract with the government of Mauritania perteaining to the large infrastructure project in Mauritania.The planned commencement of the project is November 2018,and dlivery of the project is November 2021. We are looking for a company to supply the Following equipemnt: Three (3) units of Concrete Batching Plant with capacity 80m3/h Fixed not mobile. Could you give us your best qotation. We look foward to your replay your sincerely

    3 years ago
  • Chief Ndole SimonChief N***

    My main reason for reaching out to your company at this moment in time is because I am looking for a reliable partner that I can work together with in a contract Project for the Supply of Concrete Batching Plants to the CPDM Party(The Party in Government) of the Government of Cameroon, awarded and financed by the CPDM Party which is the Party in Government in Cameroon, for mutual benefit. We are planning to release invitations to tender for a contract supply of Concrete Batching Plants to the CPDM Party of Cameroon and this contract supply is worth over 15.Million Euros for the supply and shipment of these Concrete Batching Plants to the Douala Port of Cameroon. I am the Chairman appointed to lead the contract committee of this contract project to ensure the effective and successful realization of this contract project and the power has been entrusted to me to award this contract not just to the lowest bidder but to any company (CPDM contractor) whom I deem fit to execute the contract effectively.  Also the contract committee has already been commissioned to take up this project, and the funds have also been released for the award and execution of this contract project. Contract Duration: the duration of the contract the contract project is 18. Months from the date the contract is signed and payment effected. Terms for payment: 70% advance payment immediately upon contract signing and 30% by Letter of Credit; withdrawal at the dawn of contract. This contract project is opened only to companies that are registered with the CPDM Party under the CPDM Contractors/Suppliers List as a contractor with the CPDM Party. This means that you have to be registered with the CPDM Contractors/Suppliers List as one of our contractors in order for us to be able to treat with your company in this contract Project. So my main reason why I am contacting you at this moment in these contract arrangements on personal bases is because I want a reliable partner that I can work together with in this contract project for mutual benefit.  As the Chairman of this project, I have all the powers of awarding this contract to your company. In order for me to do that, I will want that you add a little amount on top of your price offers which would represent my commission and you would return to me this commission at the dawn of the contract when you receive the contract payment. That is, I would like that you add 10% on top of your price offers for this Concrete Plants which would stand as my commission and you would return to me this commission at the end of the contract. This has to be very confidential between us in order to maintain the confidentiality involved.  If we agree on this, then we move ahead and after the release of the tenders, we would proceed with the award of the contract to your company as planned with my committee. Attached to this emailc are the technical specification documents carrying the technical details of the Concrete Batching Plants which we anticipate for in this contract tender. I want you to go over them and let me know if you would be able to supply us with something like that or something similar because this contract tender is a restricted Tender whereby we would be inviting just few companies registered with the CPDM Contractors List to submit their bid offers for the tenders and it is from this that we are supposed to select the company with the best technical and price offer and award the contract in favor of that company.  In that light, I will like that you prepare for us a technical and price offer of the concrete plants you would be able to supply to us and send this technical and price offer to me and I will present it before my committee and we would examine the price offer and from there we would decide on the total number of batching plants you would be supplying to us in this total contract project and I come back to you and let you know how we are going to move forward from there. There are equally some internal conditions which every company interested in participating in the bidding process for this contract Tenders must fulfill in order to be eligible for participation in this contract when the tenders are released. These conditions are meant to protect both the interest of the Party and the interest of the contractor. 1. Company Registration: As a CPDM Party contract, every company wishing to participate in the bidding process of this contract must be registered with under the CPDM Contractors/Suppliers Register List as a CPDM Party Contractor/Supplier in order to be qualified for participation in the bidding process for this contract. This is because this is a local tender and is meant only for companies registered with the CPDM Contractors List. 2. Company Representation: Every company participating in this contract must be present during the official sealed bid opening of the tenders. Or an official representative of the company with a perfect knowledge of the company file must be present. Also you need to start with the registration arrangements of your company because my committee expected me to select a company from among our registered contractors List for us to start making arrangements towards the award of the contract with that company as we proceed with the official release of the tenders for the contract. So while preparing the offer for us, you need to proceed with the registration arrangements for your company as we conclude on the technical aspect of this contract project and proceed with the official release of the tenders for this contract as planned. Also let me know when you would be able to put together the technical and price quotation for us so that I schedule a meeting with my committee and we discuss on that and conclude on the technical aspect of this contract arrangements and proceed with the official release of the tenders for this contract as planned. Get back to me in time.

    3 years ago
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