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New product TC6012-6 tower crane for the market

New product TC6012-6 tower crane for the market Recently, our latest product TC6012-6 tower crane passed the National Construction Quality Inspection Center expert group's testing, and got a certificate. This marks the company's innovation and manufacturing across a new level.TC6012-6 tower machine's performance and features:Maximum working range is 60m, the self-lifting height is 40.5m, maximum lifting height up to 200m, and maximum weight is 6 tons, hoist arm is 1.2 tons.TC6012-6 adopted carbon structural steel with good quality of welding and cutting, high strength, stiffness, which ensuring the high quality of structural parts. What's more, hoist arm has five kinds of changes in length to meet different construction requirements.The tower crane is equipped with a full range of safety devices, which both are mechanical or electromechanical product, to ensure safe and reliable performance.In particular, tower machines adopt PLC frequency control system, with advanced and reliable technology.The tower crane hoisting machine has a four-speed, three low profile, a high gear, use resistors to adjust speed, which has high efficiency, and on the basis of hydraulic brake, increased a vortex brake, the brake performance of the lifting has been greatly improved, and the hook has been effectively controlled.New product's successful development made the company's product quality and technological level reached the advanced level, allowing users to have more choices, and of course will improve the product sales and market share.


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