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Concrete Pump

Concrete pump is a very common equipment on construction sites. It can pump concrete to high-rise buildings. Camelway provides customers with various types of concrete pumps, including concrete trailer pumps, concrete pump trucks, concrete line pumps, concrete boom pumps, concrete mixer pumps, etc. Our concrete pumps are widely used for all types of large and medium-sized projects, which are durable and reliable with a low failure rate.

Concrete Trailer Pump: It is the most common pump on the market, which is mounted on a small trailer. A separate truck will tow the fixed pump to the job site. Stationary pumps do not have a boom, so separate pipes or hoses must be used to transport concrete from the pump to where it is needed. A separate placement boom is also needed to place the concrete accurately.

Concrete Line Pump: It is also called truck-mounted concrete pump, which is a movable concrete pump that installed on the chassis of the truck. Unlike the concrete pump truck, the truck-mounted concrete pump does not have a boom, it uses pipes to transport concrete.

Concrete Boom Pump: It's also known as the sky pump, which is used for pumping ready-mixed concrete at construction sites. Employees can directly drive it to the job site. It is not placed with booms, so a separate placement hose will be used to transport the concrete to where it is needed.

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