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National patent reached to 31 in 2013

National patent reached to 31 in 2013 Recently, good news from city center made known that we won 31 new technology patents(including 5 patents, 26 utility model patents), totally showed that our great success in technical innovation.In recent years, our company focus on innovation development and economic transformation, and the purpose is to cultivate the staff with wisdom, technology, invention, to fully arouse the staff's creative wisdom and creative potential ability. What's more, carried out the job training, energy saving, lower costs and other staff technical innovation. There are a huge number of outstanding employees after the application of technology innovation, which also made a great contribution for getting over the difficulty, improving efficiency, and the sustainable development of the company.Particularly, the declaration of a number of patents. An automatic welding machine, the powder material transition warehouse, a new type of drilling and other technological innovation, easy to operate, high efficiency, quality assurance, all of them showed company's technical staff level, and reached the purpose of accelerating development.


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