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Wet Mix Macadam Plant for Sale

Definition of Wet Mix Macadam Plant

Wet Mix Macadam Plant(WMM Plant) is also known as soil stabilization plant or pugmill mixing plant, which is a common facility used to produce cheap paving materials in road construction. It is used for the base and subbase of roads, mainly including graded gravel, cement, water and other materials.

Components of Wet Mix Macadam Plant

Unlike the batching plant, WMM Plant has a large production capacity because it uses a continuous mixer to mix materials, Wet Mix Macadam Plant contains the following components:

  1. Aggregate Bins: stores of different materials.
  2. Continuous Mixer: responsible for mixing all materials evenly.
  3. Dynamic weighing device: responsible for dynamic weighing of materials in the aggregate bin and discharge into conveyor.
  4. Cement silo and screw conveyor (optional).
  5. Water tank (optional).
  6. Storage hopper: storage of mixed materials.
  7. Control panel.

Wet Mix Macadam Plant

Wet Mix Macadam Plant for Sale

Wet mix macadam plant manufactured by Camelway is one of the most proven machines. We have 7 models of Wet Mix Macadam plants, including mobile and stationary type.

Wet Mix Macadam Plant

WBZ200200 Ton/hourabout 40,000 USD
WBZ300300 Ton/hourabout 45,000 USD
400 Ton/hourabout 52,500 USD
WBZ500500 Ton/hourabout 60,000 USD
WBZ600600 Ton/hourabout 70,000 USD
WBZ200 Mobile
200 Ton/hourabout 48,500 USD
WBZ300 Mobile300 Ton/hourabout 60,500 USD

Wet Mix Macadam Plant Price

There are prices in the table above for your reference. If you need to purchase this equipment, please contact us, we will help you choose the right equipment. We will offer a discount for customers who purchase equipment in the near future.

If you need more information please leave us a comment or visit Continuous Mixing Plant.


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