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Drum Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

  • Capacity: 25-120mยณ/h*
  • Power: 35-120KW*
  • Container Qty: 40HQ*1 - 5*
  • Price: 20000 - 70000USD*
Drum Mixer Mobile Batching Plant is one type of mobile concrete production plants that equipped with drum concrete mixer with aggregate dosing machine in a frame. It is an economical mobile concrete of production equipment, commonly used in buildings, bridges, dams and roads construction. The mobile batching plant using the drum mixer is under a simple structure,which is cheaper and more energy-efficient, and it is suitable for the production of low-grade concrete. We recommend it in small projects.
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  • The drum mobile mixing plant is equipped with aggregate batching device and belt conveyor for transporting sand and stone aggregate.
  • The head and support of the belt conveyor are set up on the aggregate storage, and the pre-filling hopper of the aggregate (to store the mixed and weighed aggregate). They will be weighed according to the ratio of good aggregate conveyor discharge to the concrete mixer.
  • The mixer platform is equipped with a roller mixer, in the upper part is a variety of measuring devices, according to the proportion of cement, water, plasticizer and other dosages, after weighing, unloaded into the mixer, together with the weighing of the aggregate to be mixed, mixed concrete can be discharged directly into the concrete truck transport away.

Drum mobile concrete batching plant advantages

  1. Compact structure design, concentrates most of the mixing plant components on a trailer unit.
  2. Humanized operation mode, stable and reliable work, stable operation in a variety of harsh environments.
  3. Continuous operation, even mixing, strong and fast mixing movement.
  4. A full set of equipment can be quickly transported to the construction site and assembled on site in the full hook form, and can be constructed without debugging. 

Drum mobile concrete batching plant Applications

1. Railways

High degree of automation and high production efficiency, making production and processing easy and efficient.

2. Highway

High mixing quality and short cycle time. It is an indispensable mechanical equipment in road construction.

3. Bridge construction

The triple superiority makes it irreplaceable in bridge construction.

4. Water conservancy construction

Convenient operation and smooth running make water conservancy construction more convenient.

5. Port and dock facilities

Forming a simple mixing plant makes port and dock construction easier.


  • The production capacity is measured in the laboratory under standard conditions, and is generally smaller in actual construction.
  • Power refers to the average power, for reference only. Please be sure to contact us for advice before planning power supply.
  • Container Qty refers to the number of containers required under standard configuration.
  • Price refers EX reference Price, please contact us for the latest price and possible discounts.
  • All product parameters provided are for reference only, and we reserve the right to change without notice.

7 Reviews

Rating:   5
  • Mubarak yerimaMub***
    ๐Ÿ‘ Landing Page: https://www.camelwaygroup.com/topic/concrete-batching-plant.html?utm_source=adwords&=&keyword=&match=&matchtype=&creative=619089370206&device=t&{campaign}=14162835771&adgroup=126308584715&target=&placement=&gclid=Cj0KCQjw1vSZBhDuARIsAKZlijT_gP9Eh9cpfvu29xtF6vMDFLpi_TCSHnDD_ouYRURRzG4FFBD181kaAoAsEALw_wcB
    2 years ago
  • Thabo LapengTha***

    I would like to enquire about the price of this mobile concrete batch plant.

    3 years ago
  • mini plantmin***

    Compact concrete batching plant, the productivity is between 10mยณ-16mยณ/hour. 

    3 years ago
  • PrasadPra***

    Our request that Payment l be  taken by Cheque in three parts and the third and final payment will be on judging the performance of the functioning of  JZC Concrete Batching Plant at site. 

    3 years ago
  • CassarCas***

    Pleazse provide specifications and prices of your smallest drum mobile concrete batching plant

    4 years ago
  • K. ParanavithanaK. ***

    30 meter cube mobile batching plant price in sri lanka

    4 years ago
  • DilshodDil***

    drum mixer batching plant vs twin shaft mixer batching plant, which is better for me?

    4 years ago
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