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JZC Concrete Mixer

  • Capacity: 10 - 25m³/h*
  • Power: 10 - 30KW*
  • Container Qty: 20GP*0.5*
  • Price: 800 - 2000USD*
JZC concrete mixer is suitable for general construction sites, roads, bridges, hydropower and other projects, brick factories, and concrete component factories. JZC series is divided into JZC250, JZC350, JZC500. The output is 10m3/h, 15m3/h, 25m3/h.JZC concrete mixer is composed of feeding, mixing, transmission, water supply mechanism, chassis and electric control system.
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  • Discharge capacity:0.25m³/0.35m³/0.5m³/0.75m³ for your choice
  • Feeding material method: Hopper
  • Hydraulic drive portable concrete mixer
  • It is a friction-drive,self-falling concrete mixing machine, discharging with the double wimble rotating reversely
  • Smooth working and convenient operation
  • Stable transmission, good mixing quality, highly production, and highly automatic procedures
  • Leading professional design and manufacture

Common problem

1. How does the water supply system of the JZC concrete mixer work?  

Answer:Start the water pump to inject water into the JZC concrete mixer mixing drum,the operation time of the water pump is controlled by the time relay in the electronic control system. When the button is rotated to the "time control" position, the pump will run according to the set time and stop automatically. When the button is rotated to the "manual" position. Water can be supplied continuously. JZC also has a pipeline for water outside the mixing drum and cleaning the whole machine.

2. What is the chassis structure of the JZC concrete mixer?  

Answer:The chassis is a welded structure, two tires are installed in the lower part, towing bar at the front for towing. In order to facilitate short-distance towing and parking, JZC concrete mixer is equipped with front supporting wheels, and four corners of the chassis are equipped with adjustable legs. When the JZC concrete mixer is working, the supporting legs should be firmly supported to make the entire machine stable. When towing, outriggers should be stowed in their high position and fixed with bolts, and the front support wheels should be turned up and hung up.


  • The production capacity is measured in the laboratory under standard conditions, and is generally smaller in actual construction.
  • Power refers to the average power, for reference only. Please be sure to contact us for advice before planning power supply.
  • Container Qty refers to the number of containers required under standard configuration.
  • Price refers EX reference Price, please contact us for the latest price and possible discounts.
  • All product parameters provided are for reference only, and we reserve the right to change without notice.

13 Reviews

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  • Ebenezer Agyemang Ebe***
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    2 days ago
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    3 months ago
  • OwolabiOwo***


    3 months ago
  • FaithFai***
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    4 months ago
  • jackmajac***

    small concrete mixer price. 

    10 months ago
  • Arcelio Cumbe Arc***

    How much is concrete mixer of 1 or 2 m3 myself being in Mozambique 🇲🇿 Maxixe

    10 months ago
  • Likando LisimbaLik***

    Wish to inquire the quotation for the drum concrete mixer Jzm 350.

    1 year ago

    please how much is this machine with the lift

    2 years ago
  • makassarmak***

    jual concrete mixer jzc350 makassar.

    3 years ago
  • LINALIN***

    How much price?

    6 years ago
  •  Brave Bwalya Br***

    Will you please give me a quote for this contrete mixer JZM350

    7 years ago
  • Bonface AbuyaBon***

    JZC3 50, 560L feeding capacity

    8 years ago
  • angeang***

    Can it lift loading bucket,how manny cubic meter?

    8 years ago
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