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Self-loading Concrete Mixer For Sale In Nigeria

  • Capacity: 10-28mยณ/h*
  • Power: 11KW*
  • Container Qty: 1*
  • Price: 6000 - 12000USD*
We are Camelway Machinery Group, Founded in 1983. We have a branch office in Lagos, Nigeria, with various models of concrete mixers in stock. If you need concrete mixer, please via whatsapp or leave us a message to get price and other information.
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self-loading concrete mixer for sale in Nigeria

1, A professional concrete mixer manufacturer with 39 years of production experience.
2, It has the advantages of compact structure, high reliability, uniform mixing, large capacity, convenient operation, convenient movement, etc.
3, Mobile Portable Cement Concrete Mixer can turn over 360 degrees on both sides when it works. The drum revolves for mixing and reverses for discharging. Power source: diesel and electrical engine.


  • The production capacity is measured in the laboratory under standard conditions, and is generally smaller in actual construction.
  • Power refers to the average power, for reference only. Please be sure to contact us for advice before planning power supply.
  • Container Qty refers to the number of containers required under standard configuration.
  • Price refers EX reference Price, please contact us for the latest price and possible discounts.
  • All product parameters provided are for reference only, and we reserve the right to change without notice.

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    Free online

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