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Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant

  • Capacity: 40 - 200mΒ³/h*
  • Power: 40 - 200KW*
  • Container Qty: > 40HQ*1*
  • Price: 16000 - 200000USD*
Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant is one type of concrete batching plants that used to produce ready mix concrete in low cost, it is batching the sand, gravel, and cement feeding to a hopper and then all the raw materials are discharged into the truck mixer with the water. At last, all the material mixed and transported to the site. Since the dry concrete batching plant is not equipped with a central mixer, it is also called truck mix concrete plant or transit mix concrete plant.
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There are two types of concrete batching plants, wet mix plant and dry mix plant. The most important difference of these two type of is that the dry mix concrete batching plant is not with central mixer and it uses the truck mixer to mix and transport the concrete mixture.

The main function of dry batching plant is weighing the sand, gravel and cement togother into the truck mixer, the quality of the final concrete highly depends on the mixing efficiency of the truck mixer. Therefore, wet concrete batching plants are more widely used, the dry concrete batching plants are generally used in remote areas.

Camelway Group offers flexible dry concrete batching plant, stable, safe and reliable. If necessary, it can be expanded into a wet batching plant by adding a concrete mixer

Advantages of Dry Concrete Batching Plants

  1. Low price. Since there is no central mixer, the purchase price of dry mixing plants will be lower than that of wet mixing plants.
  2. Low operating cost. Lower energy consumption ensures you save operating costs.
  3. Higher production capacity.
  4. Maintenance is simple, because there is no mixer, it hardly needs daily maintenance.

In most cases, we recommend the use of wet mix concrete batching plants because their quality of the concrete production is more reliable. The concrete used in most projects in the world is produced by wet plants.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the price of a batching plant?

Just like buying a custom computer, a quotation can be only issued after all the configurations are confirmed. By telling us the configuration you need, or the use scene, you will get a detailed quotation list in 24 hours.

2. Please send me the price of all equipment.

We understand that price is an important factor in making purchasing decisions, but the purchase of the batching plant is not like buying a car. Business negotiations are not only bargaining. We need detailed requirements to produce high-quality equipment for you.

3. How much will it cost for the machine to be delivered?

Before your equipment is ordered, you should know the totals for what it will cost, including freight and insurance, to have all the equipment delivered to your exact address or shipping port. We need to specify the exact equipment you are considering for purchase in detail before providing you a freight offer. You would normally obtain an exact freight offer after you have visited me or have seen the equipment in operation. We don’t provide freight quotes until we both know exactly what you need and have been quoted on equipment.


  • The production capacity is measured in the laboratory under standard conditions, and is generally smaller in actual construction.
  • Power refers to the average power, for reference only. Please be sure to contact us for advice before planning power supply.
  • Container Qty refers to the number of containers required under standard configuration.
  • Price refers EX reference Price, please contact us for the latest price and possible discounts.
  • All product parameters provided are for reference only, and we reserve the right to change without notice.

10 Reviews

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  • Dylan EllisDyl***

    Hello! I'm looking to build a dry mix concrete batching plant in Pima County, AZ to repurpose copper mining tailings. We are looking to process 60-100 cubic meters per hour of the dry mix concrete, batching/mixing the sand, two sizes of gravel, cement, and dried tailings to a central hopper to discharge to a truck mixer. I am curious to know the price and identities of the equipment, the expected maintenance, and the energy usage. Thank you so much!

    3 years ago
  • Fredy ZumbanaFre***

    Hi, I greet you from Quito, Ecuador. The reason for contacting witch you me is to ask for your kind help indicating the CIF cost port maritime of Guayaquil-Ecuador of a Dry Mix Batching Plant capacity 90 m3/h. Please include the technical specifications of the equipment We appreciate your valuable Help.

    3 years ago
  • chin uguudeichi***

    We would like to order a small Cement Dry Concrete Batching Plant. The following requirements must be met. 1. All raw materials in the product must be dry, so our factory will be built indoors. 2. Cement reserve tank 40-60 tons 3. Gravel reserve tank 10-20 tons 4. Sand storage tank 10-20 tons 5. Mixer capacity is 5-10 tons 6. Sand sieve 7. Packing device 8. Our factory only produces dry concrete mix, so we don't need any water equipment.

    4 years ago
  • Sanjay harilalSan***

    Hi i would like some info on your dry mix batch plan i'm thinking around 30-50m3 per hour

    4 years ago
  • AhmadAhm***

    I Am Looking For Dry Mix Concrete Plant At Least 60 Cubic Meters Can You Send Me The TDS On My Email Also I Need The TDS Of The Self-Loading Concrete mixer 4 and 5 Cubic Meters

    4 years ago
  • MbavhiMba***

    Good day, I am looking for a batch plant that can produce a 1000m3 per day. Can you send me am your catalogue (inclusive of prices) in this range. Regards

    4 years ago

    Hello we need concrete batching plant quotation in cif price dollar until pointe Noire port, we need a catalog and all technical specifications.


    4 years ago
  • Luvuyo Louw JinganaLuv***

    Where is the Plant situated and sold at what price.

    7 years ago
  • Bassel NourBas***

    Dry mortar production machine : 1) Capacity : 4 to 6 tons per hour . 2) Production type : Tile adhesive , Tile grout ( Joint feller ) , Non shrink cementitious grout , Floor hardener .... ETC . 3) Shipping information : Leading time , the best way of shipping . 4) Spare parts : availability , Price list . 5) Additional details : Electronic scale , size of packaging we can make , tied bags , spare engine, and printer . I am waiting for your best offer , Please send the price of additional details above separately .

    7 years ago
  • Mohamed JallohMoh***

    I’m interested in this product. Please send technical details and price with deliver time.

    10 years ago
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