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Motor control panel’s maintenance of concrete batching plant

Motor control panel's maintenance of concrete batching plant In concrete batching plant, 30HP motor soft starters can start easily in the motor and power lines.But please note that the soft starter needs additional protection and can be blown quickly.The programmable kickstart gives the necessary boost when starting mixer motor is full load.When using the motor control panel, it needs well maintained to make the control system to better use. So when maintenance the motor control panel,it needs to start manually and clean cleaning system,flush timely, let it run in other cleanup chores. Automatic cycle connection batching controller, make the controller close the hospital discharge door, start mixer, pressure preset time to wash, rinse cycles, and open the door. Also provides automatic reservoir refill liquid detection relay and probe reservoir.Therefore, if they can be well maintained and operated, it will help the concrete batching plant to have a better production, and to ensure that its production process, to protect the good performance of concrete batching plant equipment.


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