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The method to keep concrete batching plant in good condition

The method to keep the concrete batching plant in good condition Everything has a quality guarantee period, concrete batching plant is a pure steel construction machinery, it will damage over time no matter how good thing it is. We have to protect it every day, so it can be preserved for a long time, which needs to add the lubricating oil to the concrete batching plant. But how to add it to the most suitable place? 1.According to rules of spare parts lubricating oil, shall add the right viscosity oil to the right parts timely.2.Must maintain a sufficient amount about the lubricating oil, the oil line should reach the poise water mark, and the amount of oil should be appropriate which added into the high-speed rotation of the rolling bearing, too much or too little is not available, otherwise it will be damaged.3.The lubricating oil shall be clean enough and free from dust, debris, water, etc. to prevent damage to the surface of concrete mixing plant.4.The lubricating oil in the oil tank should be changed regularly according to the part instructions, and the oil tank must be cleaned with kerosene when changing the oil.5.The oil hole must keep closing, to prevent the dust, debris to involve in. Please call our hotline: 0371-65161518


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