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Material conveying and water distribution system for the 60 m³ concrete batching plant

Productivity:60 m3/h

Concrete Mixer Type:JS1000 concrete mixer

Material conveying system for 60 m3 concrete batching plant:

The screw conveyor transfers the cement from the storage silo to the weighing hopper. The cement is further transferred by screw conveyor from the weighing hopper to the mixing drum.The aggregate(sand and stone) is transferred to the mixing drum by belt conveyor after being calculated by the weighing system. Conveying ability of the belt conveyor can reach 600 t/h.

Water distribution system for 60 m3 concrete batching plant:

The water distribution system consists of water tanks,admixture box, filter, pump, admixture pump, worm precision flow meter, pneumatic rubber diaphragm valve, cloth and other components. Water (admixture) flows through the flow meter impulse flow meter impeller rotation, issues a pulse signal, and hands signal to control appliances, so as to achieve the purpose of measurement. And in accordance with the requirements of the ratio, timing, quantitative requirements to mixing the tube water supply and additives.


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