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Humidity sensor details about concrete mixer

Humidity sensor details about concrete mixer In today's concrete mixer, the use of moisture sensors allows for good detection of moisture content and ensures that concrete that meets engineering requirements can be produced well during the production process. So. Humidity Sensor plays an important roleThe computer provides accurate moisture content and assimilation information in the concrete mixer so that the additions are compensated.This level of quality control can be easily achieved with the moisture sensor's specific operation.Digital microwave moisture measurement confirmed as an online one of the most important ways of measuring bulk materials. Concrete mixer and sensor microwave moisture make use of digital technology to change the moisture in the material, and are used to measure the change in the microwave resonator frequency range. This type of sensor has a very significant advantage, with conventional analog technology. And the most important factor is that this technology provides higher measurement accuracy in a broader water and apply to have a wider range of materials.Depending on the plant preparation, concrete mixers humidity probe sensor or moisture analyzer can be mounted in the total bins or hoppers, material loading point, the mixer wall and mixer floor can be available for a paddle mixer. Humidity probe sensor can be used for many types of pot, ribbon, twin shaft concrete mixer and planets.


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