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Productivity details about concrete mixer

Productivity details about concrete mixer The output rate of the concrete mixer is another specified indicator's efficiency. Output rate is the amount of concrete in a certain period of time. Discharging capacity is not a measure of homogeneity of concrete production.Output rate depends on the mixing time, discharge time, cleaning time, if it is a batch mixer, in many cases this is not considered the final stage. In other words, cleaning is not considered the mixing cycle. This omission is justified. If the mixer is continuous, or if it is only cleaned once a day. Of course, for economic reasons, the output rate should be high.However, It should be understood that this is dangerous, only one mixer's output rate based on efficiency, because there is no consideration for mass production of concrete.For economic reasons, the mixing energy should be kept at a low level, but different quality of concrete mixing time should be considered primary, measuring the changes of concrete composition, and then discharge concrete production by the measures.


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