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General Manager Zhang Zhongkai elected CPPCC Members

General Manager Zhang Zhongkai elected CPPCC members at the meeting of the Fourth CPPCC Xingyang third plenary meeting in February 12th to 14th, and was elected as member of the CPPCC. It is understood that the company was Municipal People's Congress chairman, general manager of the Municipal CPPCC members, but it can participate in the city "two sessions" in politics, in local passed for the elephants.General Manager Zhang Zhongkai is only 46 years old this year, he and chairman Zhang Zhongyi staff to lead the company together for 20 years insist on improving quality, brand, and take the road of brand, brand-name companies to brand strategy to accelerate the company's pace of development, the company sold products all over the country and exported to over 10 countries and regions, has won the "China Famous Brand, brand-name products in Henan, China Construction Machinery enterprise customer satisfaction, quality and integrity of the country advanced enterprises" and other honors, has become a pillar industry of the city's construction machinery leader in leader business, business size, product variety, quality credit, tax and other contributions in the construction machinery industry ranked in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province in the forefront.Zhang Zhongkai general manager in business management to pay close attention to product quality, support for technological innovation, research and development of new products as much as fast construction machinery industry colleagues to make the most admire. Only in 2011 --2013, by his support and personally presided over the transformation of innovative new products and new equipment, access to national patent up to more than 60 of the city's construction machinery industry, new product research and development to produce a very good leading role. Over the years, he has won the municipal labor model, outstanding party members, outstanding entrepreneurs honorary city. The elected Municipal CPPCC members have the opportunity to participate in politics, which will be more conducive to the development of enterprises and  the transformation of ideas into words.


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