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Help Poor Students -CamelWay Concrete Batching Plant

With the township party mass line educational practice into the campus activities Our enthusiasm for the rural poor students to solve problems. Recently, the city in full swing the Party's mass line educational practice activities, in-depth and effective. The grass-roots branch and all Party members to learn the party's principles and policies and finding ideological gap and work on the basis of a positive for the masses to do practical things and good things, I actively solve problems for the township of poor students in this activity by the township welcome and praise the leadership and the masses.Chengguan township party committee, the members of the government leadership in into the campus activities, invite the Chengguan Township teacher representatives held a discussion, teachers and students to understand and see that reflected in the phenomenon of illegal construction area, more poor students in school, student activities not drain Chang and other issues are on-site office, instructed the relevant departments of the township deadline to resolve. Especially for the rural poor in the existing student, my company leaders believe that no matter how tight the enterprise funds, how much pressure the market, no matter how tough can not suffer a child, my company and Xinyu, Chang Lee, the Great Wall Metallurgical four companies raised a total of 4.2 million in cash, Yuan Linze sent to the Deputy spot face 42 poor students, to help them tide over the crisis Yong, encourage them to learn in the future become a promising talent, social return, return business.


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