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Introduction of self-loading concrete mixer for sale in Philippines

Concrete mixer is usually divided into two main categories: forced type concrete mixer and self-loading concrete mixer.

1.Working principles of self-loading concrete mixer

Self loading concrete mixer has a long history. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was already in use. The working principle of self-loading concrete mixer is quite different from forced type concrete mixer. Many mixing blades are soldered to the wall of the drum. When it starts to work, the drum revolves around horizontal axis. The mixing blades fixed on the drum will lift the materials needed to be mixed to a certain height. Then the materials fall down through the gravity. This concrete mixer operates repeatedly in this way to mix concrete.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of self-loading concrete mixer

This kind concrete mixer has the advantages of simple structures, small abrasion and convenient maintenance. Furthermore, it adapts materials well and has a relatively small volume, which is essential applying to produce plastic concrete and damp-dry rigid concrete. What's more, this concrete mixer has wheels, so it's very convenient to move.

However, self-loading concrete mixer also has some disadvantages. Because it works through the rotation of drum; its stirring intensity, rotating speed and volume has been limited. It leads to lower efficiency than forced type concrete mixer. Therefore, this kind concrete mixer can be utilized in a relatively small construction site or is for personal use. So, just think over which concrete mixer is more appropriate to you. Choosing the best one for your project and make your project optimal output. If you have any queries relate to this page or want to get price and support of concrete mixers,please contact:


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