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Foreign trade departments matchmaking export negotiate together

We support the use of multi-channel implementation of export products. To expand the company's total sales, as the national income, foreign exchange, adopt flexible sales strategy, whether by foreign trade departments matchmaking export or proprietary right to negotiate products abroad, many more channels to support, to provide convenient, so that the first quarter of this year the company mixing station, crane and other products showed good momentum of export sales.After the Spring Festival, a work, company headquarters to production for export to North Algeria Africa concrete mixing station. In late February in Tianjin port shipment packing. According to company sales manager Zhou Dongliang introduction, Algeria users are the company's old friend, 2013 year bought JS1000 mixing station is still in use, was stable in quality, convenient operation, high efficiency, this year and returned to our company to buy again.Go by the provincial foreign trade companies, South America Chile user. Recently, they also went the company for many times to negotiate the purchase of HZS mixing stations, Chile user specially design review and part of facilities in the production workshop, the agreement is being further negotiations. In addition, Kyrgyzstan users buy a series of intention mixing station in the negotiations.Company two branch sales departments also use foreign websites, and many countries are in contact and product promotion, we use the right to export 10 sets of tower crane exports to Russia's intention is to inspect and negotiate, expected to be implemented in batches.(Sales Department)


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