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Cement dust control measures at batching plants for the duty holders and workers

1. Have emergency procedures in place to deal with unexpected release of cement dust. These procedures should allow workers to contain a release without exposing them to undue risk during the containment or subsequent clean up.

2. If possible, keep a safe distance between the control room and any area where the goods are loaded, storage, conveying and mixing of cement dust and other concrete additives occur to prevent engulfment if cement dust is discharged.

3. Use self-closing flow control valves (eg spring loaded) that revert to the closed position if there is a fault in the actuation system.

4. If possible, incorporate manual activation or override controls that can be operated at ground level of valves controlling the flow of cement dust.

5. Where there is a risk of socks bursting, encase the sock within an additional reinforced connection between the silo and the hopper. This will provide containment if the sock fails.


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