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notices when working with or near cement or other potentially hazardous dusts

Dust will do harm to the health of workers in the concrete batching plant. But they can't avoid the contact with the dust in the whole production. Following are some precautions for workers who usually work near cement or other potentially hazardous dust:

1. Have protective clothing available and wear masks where there is a risk of inhaling dust.

2. Clean the workplace regularly by vacuuming or wet sweeping.

3. Wear disposable or washable work clothes and shower if facilities are available.

4. Vacuum dust from work clothes and change into clean clothing before leaving the work site.

5. To avoid ingesting cement dust, do not eat, drink, smoke or apply cosmetics in areas where dust is present. Wash hands and face outside of dusty areas before performing these activities.

6. Participate in training, exposure monitoring and health screening and surveillance programs to monitor any adverse health effects caused by cement or other potentially hazardous dust.


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