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The issues about self-built concrete batching plant on the construction project site

The issues about self-built concrete batching plant on the construction project site Many large construction projects plan to build a concrete batching plant station for own using in order to reduce the cost, but is it consistent with the requirements of relevant departments?The companies which passed the national construction enterprise qualification regulations(Order No. 87 of the Ministry of construction must first apply for legal status in the industrial and commercial department, then is the verification, and then go to the charging department to apply for qualification certificate, and finally obtain permission from the environmental protection departments, tax registration, labor and social security departments, then can build the concrete batching plant station.However, as for the construction site to build concrete batching plant station, if they were produced for own using and not to sell it, Then you don't need the qualification of mixing plant and production licenses, but it does need supervision and the relevant units of acceptance( the details please refer to the local Ministry of Construction Order). If it is not self-built, then it is equal to commercial concrete batching plant station. It must have qualification and production licenses for the concrete batching plant. General civil construction site should set up the on-site laboratory, and equipped with the appropriate detection equipment.So we can see, we must know the conditions and requirements first(on the basis of local Ministry of Construction Rules) before the self-built, to avoid the unnecessary losses.


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