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2013 My Company Patents Granted in the Sixth-Concrete Batching Plant

The Sixth Batch of patents of our company was granted in 2013 This year the city of intellectual property work conference put forward new demands. Recently, Xingyang IPR working conference held in the city of science and technology centers. Municipal Intellectual Property Bureau, the Municipal Science and Technology Center are leading the 2013 annual summary of the city's intellectual property rights, the company reported a total of new patents in 2013, the year 31 (including five patents, utility models, 26), in the city among the top seven. And in 2013 our new product patents by the State Intellectual Property Office patents 20, the top six ranked city, by the city department in charge of recognition and peer praise.Conference leaders also listed technology center for FY2014 technology innovation and patent applications and other work made new arrangements and arrangements requiring the relevant units to seriously implement the scientific concept of development and technology are the innovative concept of the first productive forces, the independent innovation, product upgrades, replacement as a priority, with a level of technology to improve market competitiveness. Units to develop a variety of incentives to mobilize and encourage scientific and technological personnel, technical backbone of independent innovation initiative. To seize the municipal government is currently implementing preferential policies for patent application further opportunity to reward funded by higher authorities to declare the year 2014 the company patented new technology to reach the target 50, and promote sustained, rapid and healthy development of our company. 


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