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concrete mixer 1.5 cubic meter capacity specifications and price in Saudi Arabic

Concrete mixer 1.5 cubic meter capacity manufactured by CamelWay Machinery is JS1500 concrete mixer machine. This is a forced twin shaft concrete mixer machine that has the output capacity 1500 liters, which can produce 50 to 60 cubic meters per hour concrete.

Features and specifications of concrete mixer 1.5 cubic meter capacity:

1) Concrete mixer 1.5 cubic meter capacity is a kind of twin shaft forced type concrete mixer machine. It can not only be used to mix the hard and dry concrete,but can also mix light aggregate concrete, which has the strong mixing function to make sure it can mix evenly.

2) Concrete mixer 1.5 cubic meter capacity adopts the pneumatic discharging methods. Discharge door is installed at the bottom of the mixer,and it starts unloading through the cylinder. As well as the opening and closing position of the discharging door, it can guarantee discharge door seal by adjusting the location of the seal.

3) Concrete mixer 1.5 cubic meter capacity has a longer working life. It adopts the imported components, and mixing tube diameter is half smaller than with the capacity of the vertical axis. So the blade speed is also half smaller than the vertical axis. Moreover, the blade and liner wear and tear less and have longer service life.

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