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Stationary Block Making Plant

  • Capacity: 2200-2400 PCS/H*
  • Power: 60kw - 110kw*
  • Container Qty: 40HQ*2*
  • Price: 15000 - 30000USD*
The stationary block production line is a set of high-quality equipment for the production of various concrete products and cement blocks. It normally includes a material mixing system, a press forming system, a stacking system, etc. The stationary block production line is efficient and stable, environmental-friendly and energy-saving , Flexible configuration enables it to satisfy the requirements of block production with different raw materials, sizes and yields. It represents an ideal choice for most companies. Camelway Machinery provides block production lines with different configurations for different sizes of applications, whether it is a small semi-automatic production line or a large fully automatic production line.
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The cement block machine is adapted for the production of various standard bricks and other concrete products.One machine can be used for multiple purposes,by changing different molds, various types of bricks, different specifications of wall blocks, and blocks can be produced.However, the floor space is still small and high efficiency.Moreover, the products produced are beautiful and practical. It is an ideal choice for brick factories producing standard bricks, roadside stone bricks, block bricks, porous bricks, water conservancy bricks, blind bricks, maple leaf bricks, grass planting bricks, etc.

Firstly, the economic benefits are significant: the production cost and market price of cement bricks will vary depending on the raw materials and other differences in diverse regions. It is much higher than the sum of red bricks.

Secondly, the production technology is mature: using high-pressure forming technology, cement bricks have good compactness, low water absorption, good frost resistance and high strength. With these advantages, it can be applied to various urban construction projects.

Thirdly, the cost is relatively low: more than 80% of stone powders, waste stone or construction waste can be mixed into environmental-friendly cement bricks, so that the cost of cement is greatly reduced. In addition, to reduce the cost of raw materials, it can also enjoy tax exemption policies.

Fourthly, the product has a wide range of uses: Cement bricks have been widely used in the landscaping of gardens, residential quarters, schools, factories, sidewalks, squares, etc. by virtue of their own advantages.

Finally, the equipment investment is small: the production speed is fast, the annual production line of 60,000 to 120,000 square meters of colored pavement bricks is established.Therefore, the equipment investment is small.Furthermore, the time from equipment installation and commissioning, training of workers, and mass production capacity is short.


  • The production capacity is measured in the laboratory under standard conditions, and is generally smaller in actual construction.
  • Power refers to the average power, for reference only. Please be sure to contact us for advice before planning power supply.
  • Container Qty refers to the number of containers required under standard configuration.
  • Price refers EX reference Price, please contact us for the latest price and possible discounts.
  • All product parameters provided are for reference only, and we reserve the right to change without notice.

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  • MagodaMag***

    I need a brick making machine which can be able to make 15000 to 20000 bricks with a mould of paving,stock, maxi and block bricks.I also need a price for the machine

    4 years ago
  • adnan aslamadn***

    Stationary Block Making Plant,Give me a quote 

    11 years ago
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