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Factory price of planetary concrete mixer for sale in Pakistan

The design of planetary concrete mixers is based on years of experience in designing and producing concrete mixing systems.Depending on the type of the planetary concrete mixer sizes range from 375 litres to 6000 litres filling capacity and allow compacted concrete outputs of 250 to 4000 litres.

According to the size of the mixer, this mixer type distinguishes itself by a rotor that turns around the vertical central axis, which is fitted with 1 or more rotating mixing stars. Due to the offset rotational axis of the mixing stars, the individual mixing tool of the hybrid stars forms a sort of planetary path.

This planetary concrete mixer is mainly used in the block-making and concrete precast industry and are particularly suited for the production of the following concrete types:

Face and core concrete

Normal concrete

Light-weight concrete

Heavy-weight concrete

Self-compacting concrete

Self-compacting light-weight concrete

Ultra-high performance concrete

Special products such as foamed concrete

As the planetary concrete mixers are able to produce a large range of different concrete types and qualities they are used in various industries:

Paving stone making plants using face and core concretes

Concrete pipe making plants

Carrousel plants producing different concrete products

Precast concrete works needing medium to large concrete quantities

Combined plants for the production of precast concrete and ready-mix concrete

Planetary concrete mixer characters:

Good accessibility

Intensive mixing

Wide performance spectrum

Fast discharge

Several discharge openings (option)


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