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Won the national production license of belt conveyor

One time cultivation of the fruit, obtained the national belt conveyor production license.The belt conveyor is my company's concrete batching machine, stabilized soil mixing plant and a series of concrete mixing station important ancillary products, in order to regulate the product models, improve product exchange, strengthen the safety conditions of production, improve product quality, the company decided according to the national standard (GB/ T 10595-2009) to declare the belt conveyor production license.This kind of small-sized lifting transport equipment production license is approved by the State Administration of Quality Supervision issued by the approval of the. In late August 2013, Beijing acceptance group of experts to heavy transport machinery inspection centre was invited to the company of the production site, to conduct a comprehensive assessment of production plant, equipment, technology, quality, product testing process file, type test, safety protection etc.. Especially for the important parts of roller also on-site storage service Beijing National Testing Center for testing, the whole process is very strict. After the expert review and the company actively rectification, the company technical staff and production work chastened, finally airness. In May 9th, joy of certificate number XK06-005-00928 of the national industrial products production license. This will be the company product quality standards and improve, to expand product sales have played a larger role in promoting.


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