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New standardized workshop was completed-Camelway concrete mixer

New Standardized workshop was completed Horse Spring Festival is coming and the new standardized workshop was completed, which is a festival gift for all employees to devote themselves to the new year. The new standardized workshop is the inevitable need for the company's development, expansion of production scale and improvement of production quality in recent years. The construction design started in August last year. The fire safety facilities, roof ventilation, roof lighting, glass windows, etc. were designed according to the modern enterprise standardized workshop design, which also met the new requirements and standards. Five months after the completion, the whole building is more than 2200 square meters, 16 meters high, workshop door is 6 meters ร— 6 meters, forklift and small transport vehicles can pass, fast and convenient. The workshop is equipped with 5 sets of 10 ton trailers, 12 meters high, which greatly improves the work efficiency, fully meets the installation and use of the company's concrete mixer and concrete mixing station, and the trial operation of the new workshop has played a great role in improving the company's product quality, expanding the production scale, and promoting the development of the company.


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