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Improve the Execution Team-CamelWay Concrete Batching Plant

Company two plants' Gold management experts to teach middle-level cadres. Focus on improving the execution team April 25 afternoon, the company has two plants, more than 30 middle management cadres in the first floor conference room to hear the company specially invited by the Shenzhen Asahi Group Gold management expert - Professor Lu Jun, to give us lessons on how to improve team execution.Lu high enthusiasm in the speech, so that we understand the workers and cadres in the practical work should have the kind of power? Such as the ability to recognize and identify problems; ability to analyze problems; ability to solve problems. With particular emphasis on management of cadres at all levels should take the lead in the work, self-discipline in order to convince the people.In the class, the teacher also emphasized the full execution team. It is the result of the implementation of the target into action only goal is the same, consistent thinking, acting in concert to make our team even stronger. How to perform self-conscious actions become automatic, We should be cautious, attentive and responsible in the process of implementation, check correction, put in place to make sure: "extremely heavy burden on the people to choose, everyone's head has the goal of". After listening to the lecture, Professor Lu Jun, everyone benefited deeply feel our work gap, to truly appreciate a short step, a thousand of miles; not small streams into a mighty torrent.After the lesson, each management cadres fill the learning outcomes tracking table, starting from their actual positions, shortcomings, the measures in the work to a positive attitude, solidarity, thankful to go to work, do not complain, honesty real honest man, work conscientiously, determined to build a second branch of the company a strong, capable fighting team.


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