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The troubleshooting of transmission equipment about concrete batching plant

Troubleshooting of transmission equipment about concrete batching plant The most prone to failure in concrete batching plant is the transmission equipment. Because transportation equipment not only transport raw materials, but also the ready mixed concrete to the finished products. Therefore, using frequently and paying little attention to maintenance are both the main cause of direct failure of transmission equipment.In the process of production, when the belt deviates from the scattering material,the two edges of the belt height will be changed and the other side becomes lower,the material expand from the low edge at the same time. With excellent business skills that ensure the normal operation of equipment, and beneficial to long-term concrete production of the concrete batching plant.The solution of belt conveyor belt deviation situation: Adjust the bearing roller and the position according to the rollers deviation.When understanding the major fault occurs in the concrete batching plant,we should pay special attention to the adjustment and maintenance on concrete batching plant's delivery device. This will maximize the reduction of failure.


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