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The details of mixing principle about concrete mixer

The details of mixing principle about concrete mixer The compulsory concrete mixer machine and self loading concrete mixers at the same mixing capacity, compared with the forced mixer,correspondingly increase the total installed capacity of power equipment and distribution facilities. But work cycles is shorter, each additional unit of energy consumed in the production of concrete is not large.The case of detonating twin-shaft compulsory discharge cone self loading detonated, compared to the mixer drive power of about 2.4 times, the unit energy consumption is about 1.3 times. The concrete mixer with a stirring blade of the mixing tube mounted on a rotating mixing drum from loading, so that material as proposed by gravity and axial string action, which is the stirring effect. Powerful forced agitation comparison,enerally 30-60 seconds, mixing time can be mixed into a homogeneous mixture of concrete, to formulate special or special concrete, it will take longer time.Since the concrete mixer stirring time doubling or even longer in Autumn, special concrete mixing is sometimes difficult, or even impossible. So, choosing the correct concrete mixer is more appropriate way.


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