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CamelWay-the structure and working principle of cement screw conveyor

CamelWay-the structure and working principle of cement screw conveyorThe structure order of LS series screw conveyor: motor, gear box, the enter section joint assembly, the middle section and the middle seat body assembly, the output section assembly, front seat body assembly, the main oil lubrication system, accessories for the cable, connection with canvas cover, hanging with wire rope and equipped with other items and so on.The connection between the screw conveyor is adopted flange, and the connection using seals.During normal operation, the motor drive to decelerate shaft screw driving force within the tank, and the materials was pushed to the discharge port by the spiral blade.When screw machine is connecting the cable test, be remembering to observe the top of the shaft screw machine steering is correct or not.It's available for screw conveyor to use multi-rope hanging, it can also use the support bracket but must ensure the straightness ofthe screw machine when erected.The screw conveyor is generally located in the air, once the equipment is installed, and all the parts in place, it's difficult to overhaul disassembly, maintenance when the there is something wrong happened. So must screen correct in principle before choosing the product.In addition, generally, screw conveyor are used with complete sets of equipment for factory, as a complementary product screw conveyors are available from stock. However, for different users or different occasions, the transportation length and standard height requirements should be provided to the users, and then customized by the manufacturer.


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