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The mixing process about concrete batching plant

The mixing process about concrete batching plantIn mixing process, it is usually  held in the drum axis angle about 15 from the horizontal. To discharge the concrete drums below horizontal tilt downward. Tilt drum is the most common type of drum mixer(less than 0.5) in the laboratory and in the field.The mixers all have the same principle: a cylindrical disc (fixed or rotating) contains concrete, but a group or groups within the blade material and the blade rotating mixing pan scrape the pot wall. Shape of the blade and the axis of rotation are not the same.When using the concrete batching plant, the control panel shows the different blade configuration and translation combinations. Another element is the blade mixer. Sometimes the blade rotating shaft and pan axis (single paddle mixer) are coincident. Other pan mixer has a shaft offset.In these cases, the concrete batching plant has two rotation: blades around its axis of rotation and translation around the shaft. Another possibility is to have the two axes of rotation in a synchronized manner. This is a suspended blade angle near the inner wall of the pot. It serves to scrape the concrete that tends to stagnate near the walls of the pan and push the rotating blades to encounter it inside.So when concrete batching plant is working, you should pay attention to the mixing process in some cases that may occur, it is the only way to ensure better production of concrete.


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