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The purpose presentation twin-shaft concrete mixer

The purpose presentation twin-shaft concrete mixer Twin-shaft concrete mixer produces high quality concrete with outstanding reliability, which combines the mixer's proven power system innovations with a shaft seal that lasts the working life of an ultra-rigid frame. Ideal for large quantities of SCC, wet precast and ready-mix concrete for the twin-shaft concrete mixer.Concrete mixers are designed to be fast and thorough with different combinations on each side; water is forced through a strong jet into the mixing, where it is completely absorbed, so that all the grout aggregate particles uniformly coated and formed the strongest concrete.In fact, the role of this hybrid is better than the previous concrete mixer drum and spiral blade mixer, which can save 10-20% of the cost of cement, you can pay the mixer monthly, make eco-friendly choice of homogeneous products , while ensuring that the whole of each batch.Because mixing occurs in the free space above the mixer floor, wearing on the liner is very low. Extra wear resistant lining and twin shaft paddle concrete mixer with high efficiency gears and reliable shaft seal make it the lowest any running cost in the twin shaft mixer market.With its heavy-duty mixer feed system, the formation of risk-free heart, hard work, you can soon have your own good market.


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