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Structure and introduction of HZS75 concrete batching plant

HZS75 concrete batching plant mainly consists of a steel structure,feeding system,aggregate batching system,mixing machine,electric control system and pneumatic system.

Steel structure of HZS75 concrete batching plant:

The steel structure mainly includes the chassis, the outrigger, the upper bracket, the track, the platform, the control room bracket, the upper ladder and so on.

Mixing machine of HZS75 concrete batching plant:

The HZS75 concrete batching plant adopts the JS1500 twin-shaft forced concrete mixing machine that is suitable for aggregate diameter less than 80mm.

Feeding system of HZS75 concrete batching plant:

Aggregate supply system: PLD2400 type concrete batching machine that consists of feeding mechanism and weighing systems, it can be equipped with three kinds of aggregate. Feeding system: Consists of the hopper, feeding rack, roll field agencies, the trip switches and other components. The rests are cement silo, cement and water supply system and its metering system and so on.

Electric control system of HZS75 concrete batching plant:

HZS75 concrete batching plant's electric control system mainly consists of a console and AC contractor as the core strong electric control device.The console is the central controller of the entire mixing plant. It adopts the most advanced mixing station control system that can complete four weighing machines ingredients,lifting,mixing,unloading production process of automatic, semi-automatic control. Only one person in the operating room can complete the operation.

Pneumatic system of HZS75 concrete batching plant:

Pneumatic system is divided into aggregate feeding, mixer, cement discharging, cement warehouse broken arch, admixture stirring and other parts; Power of pneumatic system is supplied by the W-1.0 / 10 air compressor, mirror filter water, refueling air through Sub-air bag into the slip road.

HZS75 concrete batching plant is appropriate for the medium size construction project and commercial concrete production.


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