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Technical requirement and package of screw conveyor

Technical standard of screw conveyor:

1.No need to move or remove the driving device when remove the screw.

2.No need to move or remove the screw when remove the intermediate bearing.

3.Intermediate bearing can be lubricated without removing the chute and cover;

4.Screw conveyor groove in the groove under the geometric axis of the middle bearing cross-sectional area is not more than 25% the effective area of the geometric axis of the spiral groove;

5.When the screw conveyor runs 2h in empty, the bearing temperature should be less than 20 ℃;

6.Screw conveyor running noise in empty should be less than 85dB;

7.Test 5% of the products per batch,if the test is failed,then double test until all of the machines are qualified.

Signs,packaging and storage of screw conveyor:

1.Signs should be fixed at the obvious position in the head of the screw conveyor,and this sign should be consistent with the provision of GB/T13306.The contents of the label are as follows: name of the product, model number, number of revolutions of the spindle, weight of the complete machine, date of manufacture and serial number, manufacturer's name.

2. Parts packaging, reinforcement, rain, moisture requirements of screw conveyor should be consistent with GB / T13384 requirements.

3.The screw conveyor should be shipped with the following documents: product certificate, product instruction manual, packing list.

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