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Signal problems concrete mixer’s mixing drum

Signal problems concrete mixer's mixing drum In the production process of concrete mixer, if the mixing drum can receive a good signal, it can be a good production. However, if the signal is blocked, it would directly affect the normal production and production quality of the concrete mixer. Mixing drum signal lines and solenoid valve mode switch, via which it is connected, it can also be used to open the branch cartridge valve and solenoid valve through the signal line, the control signal is output to the solenoid valve and the control signal of said solenoid valve can be received, and then open the cartridge valve and solenoid valve branch circuit composition, so that the variable displacement pump through the branch circuit cartridge valve.Concrete mixer mixing tube system including concrete mixer's stirring drum speed control system, which has the corresponding positive effect. Concrete mixer truck includes mixing drum rotation speed control system, concrete pump, stirring drum speed control system.So, for the state of concrete mixers mixing tube. If it receives the signal, the control system is very good, so in the production process, it will show a good performance. Otherwise, it will directly affect the quality of production.Thus, in this situation, it is necessary and timely to adjust the controlling system to ensure that the mixing drum of concrete mixers with good reception signal.


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