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Compulsory Concrete Mixer

A compulsory concrete mixer(also called as forced concrete mixer) is a mechanism designed to prepare a concrete mixture from cement, sand, gravel, crushed stone, other necessary additives and water.

The operating mode of a compulsory concrete mixer can be divided into the following types:

  • Batch mixer
  • Continuous mixer

Compulsory concrete mixers of various types are working in stationary and mobile batching plants. Concrete mixers in a mobile design have proven themselves perfectly in the production of construction work at facilities remote from a stationary concrete plant. Small size and weight make it possible to bring the forced action concrete mixer as close as possible to the place of work, even within the same construction site.

Compulsory Concrete Mixer Features and Types

The compulsory concrete mixer consists of a stationary drum and rotating blades that mix the concrete mix. It is distinguished by a higher quality of the prepared mixtures, since they are more homogeneous in composition. It is reasonable to use compulsory concrete mixers if it is required to include some additives or dyes in the concrete.

there are many types of compulsory mixer, the twin shaft mixer and planetary mixer are mostly used.

twin shaft mixerplanetary mixer

Buy Compulsory Concrete Mixer from China

China is the world's the largest concrete producer. Their concrete mixers are very well manufactured and can be the same as those of advanced countries. As long as you are not greedy for cheap, I believe you can definitely buy the most cost-effective equipment.

However, it is undeniable that there are many trading companies here. In order to maximize their profits, they may purchase some inferior equipment as shoddy equipment. When choosing concrete mixers from Chinese suppliers, you should be careful. That is why if you are working directly with Chinese suppliers, be sure to inquire which companies they are supplying your equipment to.

Camelway: China Top 10 Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

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    Dear Sir Good morning We are from Alyamama Engineering Company ( IRAQ / AL-BASRA city ) . Please  we want your quotation for concrete mixer with these specifications : +Mixer Type   = MB 3.0 TW +Compacted Concrete Capacity = 3  m^3 +Dry Filling Capacity     =  4500 lt. +Capacity / hour   = 120  Best regards

    2 years ago
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