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Debugging requires about concrete batching plant equipment

Debugging requires about concrete batching plant equipment It is must be adjusted accordingly after the end of the installation,to ensure that the concrete batching plant without any failure and various systems are in normal operation, so it can be extremely good in the production process, and incidence of failure is effectively reduced.In the debugging process, first reset the emergency button, turn off the power to open an enclosed cabinet, after wiring, turn on the slide circuit breaker, control the circuit of the power switch, observe whether the electrical system is normal, check the correctness of motor,if not correct, it should be adjusted immediately.Start concrete batching plant pump, when pressure meet the requirements, press the button again exhaled air control doors, inspecting the operations is flexible on the computer to adjust the zero and sensitivity adjustment, check the air pressure is normal, the pressure display table is switch correctly, the pressure relief valve is adjusted to within the standard range.The concrete mixer is debugged to see whether there will be abnormal noise and whether all components can work normally. The belt conveyor needs to run during debugging process, and check all running flexible support rollers during operation, carefully observe the belt to ensure that the fixed dose button is flexible and can be configured precisely. After the commissioning, it can be used for the reference.


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