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Our company was awarded “the Model Home”

Our company was awarded the Model Home Recently, Zhigongzhijia building activities were held in Zhengzhou, our company was awarded the honor of Zhengzhou Model Home and awarded medals and certificates at the meeting. Model Home is an activity held by the National Federation of Trade Unions of China in 2012. This activity is a reflection of honor of the union work, which was held once in two years. And there are a number of criteria, such as the working system, a fixed place of activities and facilities, the coordinated development of innovative and so on. Zhengzhou Federation of Trade Union stipulated that all kinds of enterprises should strengthen the Zhigongzhijia construction work, on the basis of home built activities, proposed the construction of the home standards, so that the establishment of trade unions can adapt the times of operating mechanism and work pattern, which play an important role in safeguarding the legitimate rights, coordinating labor relations, and promoting innovation and development of the new era.It is reported that, there are only three companies won the honor of Model Home in Xingyang.


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