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2020 Zhengzhou Concrete Batching Plant Exhibition

2020 Xingyang Concrete Batching Plant Exhibition

From October 12 to October 17, the Xingyang Expo Center hosted the participants and guests of the largest event in the construction industry in China - CAMELWAY International Building Forum. The key event of the forum was the international construction exhibition β€œConcrete batching plant. Concrete mixer. Crusher ”, which was attended by plenty of well-known building materials and equipment manufacturers from 20 countries. At the opening of the exhibition, Zhangjie, President of the Chinese Union of Builders, noted that construction creates 5% of China's GDP and is the locomotive that is pulling the domestic economy forward today.

2020 xingyang concrete batching plant exhibition

At the same time, he admitted that the economic and financial difficulties experienced by the country could not but affect the construction industry. Jack, managing partner of CAMELWAY, said this in his report:

Concrete batching plant Sales

Investments in fixed assets decreased in the current year by 8.5%, Concrete batching plant Sales - by 5%, over 6 months of this year, housing commissioning decreased by 9%. The speaker pointed out that the market for basic building materials decreased by 8%, and this concern, first of all, cement - a kind of indicator of the state of the building materials industry - here the decline in production was 11%.

Production of Concrete block (by 26%) and reinforced concrete products also fell. Today, in almost all regions, the production capacity of the RMC plant significantly exceeds demand.

Concrete equipment

Xingyang hosted the Camelway International Construction Forum and Exhibition "Cement. Concrete batching plant. Dry concrete mixes. Vertical Shaft Concrete Mixer.Crusher. Mobile concrete batching plant.Concrete Mixer Truck.Self-loading Concrete Mixer."

2020 xingyang concrete batching plant fair

Visitors -  a total of more than 1200 people attended the exhibition - a lot of interesting novelties are awaiting for us.

Camelway group Booth

Therefore, the main news at the stand of CAMELWAY and CAMELWAY GROUP was the announcement of the opening of the CAMELWAY Concrete Batching Plants Exhibition in 2020. As the director said company concrete batching plant, buyers could choose "Own" concrete Batching plant right at the exhibition. Engineering the company "CAMELWAY" presented at its HZS series concrete batching plant have been proven to be reliable, economical and safe.


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