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Mobile Egg Laying Block Machine for Sale

The main and distinctive feature of mobile egg laying block machines is the ability to move. Moving block machines is not a way of transporting them from one place of production to another, but a feature of storage of vibropressed products. Tthe blocks formed by this equipment are not formed on pallets, but directly on the floor of the production workshop. This feature greatly simplifies the block storage process.

Mobile Egg Laying Block Machine for Sale

Mobile Egg Laying Block Machine is an ideal purchase for small manufacturing companies or construction contracts dealing with low-rise construction. With the help of this equipment, it is possible to manufacture building blocks from the raw materials that are most easily obtained at the location of the manufacturer: sawdust, slag, expanded clay, etc.

Mobile Egg Laying Block Machine for Sale

The performance of this block machines depends not only on the duration of the vibropressing cycle, but also on the teamwork of the staff. Namely, on the speed of loading raw materials into a vibrating press, since the mobile vibropress does not have an automatic loading system.


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