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The operating principle of batching machine

The operating principle of batching machine Concrete batching plant, stone, sand, aggregates and other materials are transferred by screw conveyor belt conveyor. Concrete is widely used in construction sites, roads, bridges and other projects.PLD series concrete mixer batching machine, charging mix PLD series batching machine is a machine front together the ingredients with a mixer, which can automatically complete the 3-6 kinds of materials, such as sand, stone, cement batching program, according to the requirements of the concrete match. It is suitable for different workplaces, which is composed of batching machine hopper, weighing systems, feeding systems and electronic control systems.Concrete mixer "spread eagle" shape and "union" shaped structure. Feeding practices batching machine has pneumatic valves and belt conveyors. Pioneer Machinery PLD series batching machine is characterized by a rich structure, flexible combinations, weighing and high precision, simple operation, high degree of automation. PLD series concrete batching machine adopts electronic weighing, computer control, digital display, a wired remote control.PLD series concrete mixer batching machine, weighing fast and accurate. Subject batching machine can be used to arrange split structure, which is convenient to feed the various materials. It can automatically complete the proportions of various materials, which is combined with relative concrete to form concrete batching plants of different types and sizes. 


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