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Concrete Batching Plants for Sale in Russia

Although Russia is closer to Europe, many people choose concrete batching plants from China. Some customers import equipment from China themselves, and some import equipment from China with the help of local import companies. In the past 2020, Camelway company has sold about 5 concrete batching plants to Russia, most of which are sold to end customers. We are now discussing the possibility of setting up an office in Russia, you are welcome to give us any suggestions.

Concrete Batching Plants for Sale in Russia

As you can see in this website, we have stationary and mobile concrete batching plants offered all over the world, the stationary vertion batching plant capacity between 20 to 180 m³ per hour, and the mobile vertion is 20 to 100 m³ per hour. For concrete batching plants used in Russia, we have winter version, which equipped with steam generators, heat preservation equipment and other options compents for its smooth operation in cold conditions.

concrete batching plant in russia

Concrete Batching Plants Price in Russia

On this website, you can see the reference prices of all our standard concrete batching plant models. The final price varies depending on the specific configuration. In addition, Russia is the largest country in the world, and the freight rates in different cities are different, and the freight rates at different times vary greatly. After our Russian customers send us specific requirements, we will make a detailed quotation.

About Camelway Group

Camelway Machinery Group is a Top Concrete Plants Manufacturer in China, We provide customers with economical concrete production solutions. We have been doing business with Russian customers for more than 10 years. Unlike the equipment provided by some European manufacturers that have high brand premiums and the low-quality equipment that looking for everywhere by some fake manufacturers, our equipment is reasonably priced and has guaranteed quality, and is used by many small and medium enterprises in Russia. We have website in russia: https://www.camelway.ru/.

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Just leave your needs, we will have a dedicated sales manager to contact you to help you solve any problems. Our sales manager speaks Russian, so you can contact us in your native language.



  • КасымКасым

    Нас интересует бетонный и Асфальтный заводы

    2 years ago
  • СамандарСаманда***

    Добрый день! Нас интересуют : 1)Стационарный бетонный завод 60-100куб/час.одновальный и двухвальный бетоносмеситель. какие варианты и цена.? длина конвеера минимум. 2)Мобильный бетонный завод 60куб/час с встроенный силосом цемента 36тн.Смеситель ? цена? Пока не определились с параметрами ! Поэтому рассматриваем несколько вариантов. Заранее благодарю?

    2 years ago
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