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Steel Moulds for Concrete Trays

Metal molds for trays are used for the production of reinforced concrete products designed to collect and drain waste and rainwater from various objects.

Telescopic concrete drainage trays are a prefabricated structure of the drainage system. Each tray is made in the form of a trapezoidal staple. Storm water drainage systems created from drainage trays have found wide application in road construction, as well as for the arrangement of civil buildings and structures.

Concrete Trays

In the process of laying, the current trays are inserted into one another, which gives the structure strength and resistance to mechanical stress. Due to the inclined arrangement and channel width, the trays have a high throughput and do not require cast iron grates.

Steel Moulds

Our company offers metal molds for trays, board equipment for trays of any purpose.

These designs are in great demand in various fields, because provide a natural runoff of water from highways, railways, storage areas, etc.

At the request of the customer, we can make the shape of the trays, boarding for the trays, according to the required dimensions, meeting the needs of the client as accurately as possible.


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