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How to complete the concrete mixer cleaning quickly ?

How to complete the concrete mixer cleaning quickly? Many users feel confused when remove the dry cement on the concrete mixer, because it is indeed a troublesome work to clear the cement which has completely dried, especially when it needs to ensure against damage, is there any better way?The steps to remove old cement: First turn on the mixer and allow it to rotate. Add a gallon of water, turn the drum with a rubber mallet or small hammer, and gently tap the outside.Use caution on the photosensitive drum does not make a big dent. When you're hitting the outside of the drum, cement should begin to break and fall off the wall. After removing the chunk, open the release and allow the discharge of water and cement blocks. With a chisel to knock any remaining chunks from the surface. Next, wear protective gloves and goggles. To remove the last layer of cement, it is divided into two parts, one part of a bucket of water poured hydrochloric acid into the water, which always pour of concrete mixers for the final rinse.When the acid mixture was added to the bucket, and then keep it spinning. Acid will remove the final cement layer from the surface. Once the cement is removed, drainage and proper disposal of acid. Rinse thoroughly with water drum out. Hose or pressure washer which is very useful. Concrete mixer before being allowed to dry storage. This will complete a good cleaning of the concrete mixer.


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