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Safety check of concrete batching plant

1. Installation and careful commissioning of concrete mixing plant according to the provision of the original instructions and add rain protection facilities.

2. Check the storage silo and keep away from the bucket. When the concrete batching plant is working, keep away from it.

3. Check the gear box oil level and oil quality, oil should be added and replaced regularly.

4. Check the feed, discharge gate, and the mixing drum wear. Wear overrun parts should be replaced.

5. The joint weighing bucket rubber sleeve should not be under tension and pressure, otherwise it will affect the weighing accuracy.

6. Check the power supply, water should meet the requirements of the machine.Every part should be connected reliably. Electrical control cabinet must be under a good technical full-time electrical custody, other personnel are not allowed to open the electrical cabinet. Carefully check the electrical device to ensure accurate and timely control of the machine to ensure that no leakage short circuit and other abnormal phenomenon.

7. Check the weighing device should be able to normal use, measurement should be accurate, the error can not exceed 1%, before the use of machinery, weighing should be in accordance with the provision of all the position to zero.


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