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Buy A Cost-effective Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Cost of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

The Mobile Batching Plant is applied for small and medium-scale construction projects with short periods, long work lines, and frequent site changes. The mobile batching plant is the most preferred concrete batching plant model that is manufactured by our company thanks to its lower cost-effective while also guaranteeing the concrete capacity. The vital factor of a mobile batching plant depends on the production capacity and specifications of the equipment, followed by material purchase cost, shipping cost, maintenance costs, labor cost, spare parts replacement cost, etc. However, the reliability of the mobile batching plant eliminates greatly reduces various maintenance costs in the later period.

To invest in mobile concrete batching plant, it's necessary to first determine the expected production scale of the project verifying suitable for using a mobile type concrete plant or not, then determine the capacity, model and configuration of the concrete batching plant, and finally select the equipment based on these data.

Cost of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Analysis of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Cost

1. Material purchase cost

Concrete with different quality requirements requires different raw materials. For example, some buildings that require concrete may only need fly ash and cement, while others also need sand, slag, admixture which require more aggregate bins to storage them. In a word, you choose more raw materials, your concrete plant cost will be much more. 

2. Models and production capacity

Different production capacities of mobile concrete batching plants correspond to different models. The greater the production capacity, the higher the cost. The price gap between different concrete batching plants is large, so selecting the appropriate model according to the construction conditions is essential.

Our mainly mobile concrete batching plants are: YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS75, YHZS100, tailor-made special configuration is also available.

3. Shipping cost of Mobile concrete batching plant

The transportation costs are borne by yourself, so before placing the order, confirm the port where the concrete mixing plant arrives, and we will calculate the most economical freight for you.

4. Operation Cost

The later operation of the mobile concrete mixing plant includes water and electricity costs, labor costs, raw material procurement costs, loaders, and concrete transportation vehicles, which should be considered before investment.

Why Mobile Concrete Batching Plant is the Most Cost-effective?

Investment in concrete batching plants is a profitable business, but many companies still choose second-hand concrete batching plants in order to save investment costs. This may be because they are not aware of the appears concrete batching plant. Why does the construction contractor recognize the mobile concrete batching plant is the most cost-effective?

  • A range of models can meet the demand of different capacity
  • Modular design, with a wide range of applicable sites
  • Eliminate floor space requirements and reduce construction site costs
  • Strong flexibility and easy disassembly, saving a lot of labor costs

Camelway is an excellent mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer in the construction industry is the best choice with a favorable price and high quality for customers.


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