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Knowledge about the Foam Concrete Mixer

Foam concrete is a special material in aerated concrete, its pore structure and material properties are close to aerated concrete. The difference between them is the hole shape and gas. Aerated concrete hole is generally oval, and the foam concrete is deformed by capillary effect to form a polyhedron; Aerated concrete is to use chemical gas, through the chemical reaction, the interior produce gas and pore formation. Foam concrete is formed through the mechanical system. Firstly, make the foaming agent into foam, and then inject the foam into cement, magnesium, gypsum slurry, forming a foam slurry, then through natural caring, steam curing.

Foamed concrete is a kind of material that is environmental, energy-saving, low-price. Compared with aerated concrete, it does not need to steam. Its production is very simple, the investment is small; more important is that the foam concrete can not only produce various kinds of products in a factory, but also in the construction site, it can be directly poured into roof, floor and wall. What's more, the variety of foam concrete product is more than aerated concrete. Except for the production of block and wall panel, foam concrete can also produce insulation refractory material, pipe insulation shell, light imitation wood, exterior wall insulation board, color art decorations, foam condole top, foam gypsum products, foam magnesium products, etc. If you want to crumble the foam concrete, you had better use the foam concrete mixer. Foam concrete mixer is one new type of concrete mixing machine, it is applied for producing foam/lightweight concrete, foam/lightweight is light, thermal and sound insulation, and fireproofing, it has more advantages than normal concrete, so it is applied for many construction projects now.


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