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How to Produce Qualified Concrete?

The use of concrete batching plants to produce concrete has become an efficient production method today. How to ensure the quality of production while ensuring the output? In this article, we will introduce the tips for producing qualified concrete by using the concrete batching plant.

How to Produce Qualified Concrete

Control the Ratio of Raw Materials in the Production Process

Frist thing you have to do is controlling the ratio of raw materials in the production process.

  • Before mixing the concrete, add water to the equipment in the mixing equipment and run for a few minutes, and then pour out the accumulated water to make the inside of the mixer barrel fully moist. Considering the loss of mortar on the cylinder wall when mixing the first plate, the amount of stones should be halved according to the mixing ratio.
  • The mixed concrete should be completely unloaded. Before all the concrete is discharged, it is not allowed to put in the mixture. And do not take the method of discharging and feeding at the same time.
  • The water-cement ratio and slump are well controlled, and the worker shall not add or reduce water consumption without consent.

Control the Temperture of Concrete

Second things you have to do is controlling the temperture of concrete.

  • The concrete batching plant should be equipped with more than two admixture storage tanks which are different types of admixtures. This is able to prevent the temperature in the seasonal exchange period from being unstable. You can select them according to the specific conditions to prevent excessive deviation in the setting time of the concrete produced by the concrete batching plant.
  • When the temperature is not stable during the seasonal exchange period, ordinary Portland cement or Portland cement should be used.

There are so many tips on how to produce qualified concrete by using the concrete batching plant. I hope that this article can help everyone. If you want to buy concrete batching plant equipment or want to know more about the construction of concrete mixing plant, please feel free to contact us.


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